What's Next?

What's Next?

On August 24, 2022

Just a little over a year ago, 3cents Magazine went from an idea to its first issue. The magazine began as an experiment—an exploration into how art converses with itself. I wasn't sure if I would find enough willing participants, but one year, four issues, and four hundred and fourteen submissions later, 3cents has lived up to its promise that “Published together reads better.”

So what comes next? For starters, we're going to continue publishing quarterly. Look to the Submissions page and be sure to follow 3cents on Twitter for announcements about themes, submission deadlines, and other opportunities to write for us (more on that below). We'll be announcing Issue 5's theme early September, 2022. 

In addition to the quarterly publication, we're going to feature interviews, profiles, and reviews on our blog (tentatively titled, “Loose Change.”) These pieces will zero in on artists and writers whose work, practice, or process embodies “art in conversation.” That guiding principle is intentionally vague, but will act as the throughline for everything we publish in this space. Look for future conversations with painter, tattoo artist, and our logo designer Charlie Foos and poet Diana Raab to kick things off.

We want to open the blog up to guest writers, as well, so we're going to add a Submittable link for pitches on “art in conversation” pieces. If you're looking to write for 3cents but don't have something for an upcoming theme, these blog features are a great opportunity to get your work on our pages.

It's going to be an exciting year of writing and writers tangled in thematic conversations, and I cannot wait to see what comes our way. That's my 3cents. I hope you stick around to enjoy it.


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