Published together reads better. That’s our 3cents.

Published together reads better. That’s our 3cents.

3cents Magazine puts authors and their writing in conversation with one other. We believe that literature is at its best when it is intertwined, intertextual, and interconnected. We publish poetry, fiction, and nonfiction with a twist.

Each issue of 3cents will rotate around a theme, starting with “beginnings” for Issue 1 and moving where the wind takes us from there. We will publish one poem, one short story or flash fiction, and one piece of creative nonfiction together as a mini-collection built around that theme. While the authors get their individual credit, their pieces will be forever linked by a shared tone, theme, style, sense of whimsy, imagery, or any other unifying or complicated relationship our editors find in the craft.

Depending on the number of submissions and the conversations they inspire, we may publish one mini-collection of work for our theme or several. This allows us to curate our selections, but also lets us open the door to more writers as we read.

The idea behind 3cents Magazine is to publish new work and elevate writers at all stages of their careers. We know how frustrating the “submission grind” can be. As long as we are able, we’ll provide some specific editorial feedback on what we loved about each submission and what we hope to see from a writer next time if they don’t make it into a particular issue.

We publish quarterly.



Brandon Arvesen - Founding Editor

Lisa Lance - Contributing Editor

Hannah Fenster - Guest Editor, Poetry

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